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Getting The Most For Selling Your Home

HOW TOImprove the Odds of an OfferPrice it right. Set a price at the lower end of your property’s realistic price range. Consider:·       Comparable

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Remember Ike

10 Years ago Hurricane Ike hit the Gulf Coast. Where were you? Is this storm forgotten? I was right here in SETX luckily Ididn't suffer damage, it was the 1st storm as a new homeowner. I will never

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Understanding Homeowners Insurance

      WHAT TO KNOWAbout Homeowners InsuranceA homeowners insurance policy will protect you against certain losses and damage to your new home and is generally required by lenders

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Understanding Property Tax

QUESTIONS TO ASKAbout Property TaxIt’s natural for the sale price of a home to loom large in your mind. But don’t forget to look at what your property tax bill might be. What is the

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